Traditional Funeral Service:  Choosing a traditional funeral service includes both visitation and a funeral service in our facility with your choice of three visitation rooms with either an open or closed casket followed by in-ground burial or entombment.

Traditional Funeral Service followed by Cremation:  Most people think you can not have a traditional funeral when cremation is the choice of disposition.  This is not true.  A traditional funeral service with a cremation has become more common and allows for visitation with family and friends at the funeral home along with a service either at a church or the funeral home followed by a cremation.  A cremation casket is usually selected for this type of service.

Direct Cremation with a Memorial Service:  This includes immediate cremation followed by a memorial service at either a church, the funeral home, or location of the family's choosing.  The memorial service does not have to be directly after the cremation; it can be held at a later date chosen by the family.

Direct Burial:  A direct burial includes services of the funeral director and staff to accompany the deceased to their final resting place.  There is no visitation at the funeral home but a funeral service can still take place at the cemetery if the family chooses.

Direct Cremation:  Direct cremation is chosen by the family where cremation takes place immediately with no visitation or funeral service.  We offer a wide variety of cremation urns and keepsake items to memorialize the loss of a loved one.


We understand that each person is individual and unique.  We will design a funeral based on you and your loved one's wishes as simple, traditional, or contemporary as you wish.

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