Guest Book for Frank L. Muzika Jr.

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Posted by: Thomas Grubisa
Thu January 09, 2020
Frank...we'll be football teamates forever. Rest in piece my friend.

Posted by: Michele Adair Nepa
Thu January 09, 2020
Dear Cuz, it will be my honor to plant a tree to remember the great humorist and scholar that was Frank Muzika.   Sorely missed you shall be.  I will not forget our many talks on life here and elsewhere; and the oddities and mysteries we viewed in our time.  You could make to laugh in a New York minute.  Glad and honored to know you, to be related to you and to be your contemporary.   My deepest sympathies to Trish and your children.   Your grandchildren will hear about you, guaranteed.

Posted by: Albert Pulice
Thu January 09, 2020
Frank's knowledge and wisdom that he was generously enough to give in conversations we had was always something I hung on to. You are missed my friend

Posted by: linda pecora
Fri January 10, 2020
My heart breaks for you.You are in my thoughts and prayers

Posted by: Richard Hensh
Sun January 12, 2020
I am so very sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to the Muzika family. I will keep everyone in my thoughts.

Posted by: Mike Ferguson
Sun January 12, 2020
My condolences to all who loved Frank. I enjoyed knowing him during out time at SVC and had the pleasure of playing a round of golf with him during a recent reunion. Please accept my best wishes.

Posted by: Danny Kelly
Sun January 12, 2020
Zeke, the one and only.  A great man with an incredible soul.  Generous and wise, kind and patient, with an unmatched sense of humor.  We’ve lost a wonderful spirit and a true friend.  My sincere condolences to his wife Trish, his children and family.  Eternal rest, Grant Him O Lord, and May Perpetual Light Shine Upon Him.
He was a gift to us all, and remains forever in our hearts. God speed, Zeke, and thank you. For everything.

Posted by: Michael Meucci
Sun January 12, 2020
Frank will be remember as a great man. He was always so kind, and did everything he could to make the people close to him feel warm, and loved. I wish I had seen him one last time before his passing, but feel like he will be with me always. My deepest condolences to Tricia, Alex, Jenn, and Rachel, to Frank’s grandchildren, and the entire Muzika family.

Posted by: Janet Golia
Mon January 13, 2020
Trish and family-Frankie was one of the kindest people I have ever known. He managed to make ever person he met feel special and welcome. I will so miss his wit, warmth and intelligence. He was fascinating to converse with, and I could do so for hours. Frank's love for his family was the center of his life. The content and happiness was felt most when he was with you Trish. You two had such a special bond that defines what I think of as soul mates. He loved his children so much. Allowing them to grow in their own direction while supporting them at all times. I am blessed to have known him, and all of you. I will miss him sorely. I cannot imagine your loss, but "the greater the love the greater the loss" and he love you greatly.

Posted by: Bill Hopkins
Mon January 13, 2020
I knew "Zeke" from our years at St Vincent College.  Zeke was one of a kind and not afraid to be so.  He had a great sense of humor and adventure.
I remember his last night driving tours in his convertible through the foothills of the Alleghenies.
RIP friend.
My condolences to all that know and love him.

Posted by: Michael walsh
Wed January 15, 2020
To Trish,Mrs. Muzika, Frank’s Children, And Frank’s Siblings:

It was early in September 1970 when I first set my eyes on a somewhat odd  young man throwing water balloons off the roof to the entrance of  the Freshman dorm of St. Vincent College in Latrobe, Penna. An incoming student from Elizabeth NJ, I’d never been west of Philadelphia and found myself in the heart of the Alleghenies: I’d never seen real mountains before. But, sorry, I am digressing.

Growing up in a fairly big city, I was not unaware of disturbed individuals. This “young man”, however, was tossing these projectiles both hard and fast at both incoming students and their parents with reckless abandon. I believe I saw foam coming out of this creature’s wide smile, and he was by himself. The ”gentleman ” I found later had as his name Frank Leonard Muzika, Jr.

He was enjoying himself more than anyone on that campus that day. Truth be told, most of us- including the moms and dads- were also. I wanted to meet this guy because he was fun. And fortunately I was able to and quickly: we were assigned to the same floor of the dorm. Amongst our planned plots working together was the turning of the telephone booth in the hallway outside our rooms, When a fellow student was talking to family or girlfriend at home we’d move the booth so that the exit door was now facing the wall... there was no way out for the poor guy. We’d leave him to scream for help and listen to the savage yelling while crying with laughter from one of our rooms. Evil but ingenious my new buddy Zeke was.

Geography separated us for our adult lives. We swore to get together more often but the phone was our lifeblood... first from the birth of his daughters and his oil rig sales days, to later when he had the great fortune of meeting Trish and having his son. Several years ago I had occasion to meet he and Trish at their Monroeville home. I learned then about how to efficiently raise fish, grow organic vegetables for sale smartly, and importantly how to properly encourage the growth of “medicinal” and perhaps recreational drug plantsfree of unnatural development.

Few people we call characters were as unique as my good friend. He waxed philosophical because he was; in gist Frank wanted to and did his own thing regardless of what somebody else thought. As long as you hurt no one else, do it if it makes you happy. Amen.

My buddy was generous, thoughtful, fun, and funny. God has made very few like him. And he has provided those of his many SVC friends with unpaid and unparalleled entertainment , and with a great example as to how to live. As for me personally, he made me laugh for fifty years, and just now he makes me cry.

I hope there is a mountain called Lemont Furnace up in the northern sky where all of us can go when it is our time to exit this planet and enjoy that moonshine you once shared with me at your Muzika family home. I love you my good friend, as do all others fortunate to have known you. Make some more friends up there, but save some laughs -and medication-  for us who will join you later.
Your Forever Friend, Mikey Walsh

Posted by: S Howland
Sat January 18, 2020
I have fond memories of growing up spending a lot of time with the Muzika family, and I will always remember Frank as a very kind, honorable, and patient man with a heart of gold. My condolences to Alex, Trish, Jennifer and Rachel, and the rest of his family and friends.

Posted by: Ivan Ostrowski
Sat January 18, 2020

My college room mate, the best man in my wedding, my golfing buddy and best friend. I will miss you my brother